Q: How to use with coupon?

A: Each voucher can only be used once and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or special discounts.

Q: Why should you choose Separatec underwear?

A: We have reinvented men's underwear that brings you unprecedented comfort.

Q: What is the concept of reinventing men's underwear?

A: We know the banana and apples want free and independent placement. That's why we invented a new type of underwear that every man can benefit from.

Q: Are there any substandard underwear on the market?

A: The most common problem with most undergarments is that it doesn't provide a separate placement from the banana and apples. The moisture in these undergarments can cause itching.

Q: What is unique about Separatec underwear?

A: The exquisite double bag design keeps your apples and banana separate to make you more comfortable to carry.

Q: Separatec, what are the benefits of separating bananas and apples?

A: The banana and apples have their own space so the banana doesn't feel constricted and the apples can stay dry and comfortable.

Q: How do I properly wear this underwear?

A: There is a hole in the front bag. Point your banana at the hole and naturally let it rest there to reach Separatec.

Q: Do I have to pull out my banana every time I go to the bathroom?

A: The functional open-fly design on the front bag gives you great comfort when peeing.

Q: is it therapeutic underwear?

A: We don't consider it therapeutic underwear. However, you feel fresher and more comfortable than in any other underwear.

Q: Can Separatec underwear help enlarge the male sex organ?

A: We don't want to deceive anyone by saying yes. However, giving your organs more space by separating them can definitely help your organs grow. (The other undergarment with limited space will delay your organs development.)

Q: What are the advantages of the "four needle six line" technology?

A: The technology with four needles and six lines smooths the seam construction, offers more comfort and prevents skin irritation.

Q: What is the concept of ezy-off tags?

A: You can easily remove the label by hand without using scissors. You don't have to worry about the skin irritation caused by labels. At the same time, damage to the underwear is avoided.

Q: Is Separatec's double bag underwear a patented product?

A: Yes, it is a patented product in many countries.

Q: What is Modal, MicroModal?

A: Modal is a regenerated cellulose fiber from Austria Lenzing, the raw material of which is obtained from European beech wood. It is first processed into pulp and then processed into fibers using a special spinning process. Modal products have good flexibility and excellent moisture absorption, but it is not stiff. We used to use modal 40s a lot. Micro-Modal is also from Austria Lenzing. It's an upgrade from regular modal. The products made from micromodal are obviously finer and lighter. It feels like a "second skin". We often use micromodal 50s, 60s and 80s in the manufacture of our products.

Q: What is Supima?

A: Supima is the best cotton in the world. Supima is a non-profit organization of American Pima cotton producers whose primary goal is to promote the use of American Pima cotton around the world. Supima is involved in quality assurance and research programs. The use of the "Supima®" brand is strictly controlled by the producer organization. Only authorized companies with high quality products can use the Supima® brand to promote their own Supima products.

1) A longer stack length

The pile length of Supima is 35% longer than normal cotton. This increases the softness and shine. Fewer fiber ends are exposed, which minimizes abrasion and reduces pilling.

2) A stronger fiber

Supima is up to 45% stronger than normal cotton, which makes Supima products extremely resilient. These incredibly durable Supima fabrics are even lighter without compromising on drapery and

3) A dynamic fiber

Supima absorbs and retains color better than regular cotton. This means that Supima products can remain excellent for many years.

Q: What is combed cotton?

A: Combed cotton is an extremely soft version of cotton that is made by specially treating the cotton fibers before they are spun into yarn. When combed cotton, the fine brushes pull out any remaining